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WDesign supervises the development of the project and
each step of the production. The development of the project is based on
different steps and processes, supervised and guaranteed.

Analysis and Requirements

The inspection of the spaces and an accurate study of customer's needs allows to choose the hypothetical elements that will be part of the project and that will be discussed together with the customer during the second meeting.

Solutions and Mood

The meetings aim at a more specific study of the solutions, priorities and hypothetical materials to use, in order to discover what the customer's concept is and to estimate the time and costs of the project.

Project development

The real analysis of the final outcome and the possibility to revise it is possible thanks to the innovative software used for developing the project.

The Customer's Point of reference

Periodically, the customer is invited to verify, in the yard or in office, the work progress.

Details and finishes

In fase dThe finishing step and the final meetings are fundamental as the customer has the possibility to discuss, outline or revise the last details before the final completion of the works.


A qualified team, selected and charged by us, will accurately and minutely arrange the spaces so that the customer can enjoy and live them promptly.